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'There are ways to view the material by legal means. You dowTiloaded pirate content ". This may sound like the message you receive if you continue to download illegally, from the net. programs or movies.
Already several countries, including the United States, France or the UK,
apply this virtual traffic monitoring system. Those caught doing piracy can be choosed with fierce fines and risk being disconnected for a long time.
With one click, we can take pictures, music, games, and non-licensed software free from the internet. Soon, we could be monitored when we do that. Because it is almost impossible to capture all those who make pirated content available to the Internet, many countries around the world have turned to cable operators. They have already adopted government programs to monitor tens of millions of people using the Internet, Pro TV announces.
In the first phase, the user who uses or accesses unlicensed content
receives a few warnings in the form of messages or even letters in the mailbox. If the person downloading pirated products continues, he will
receive a video on the computer about the problems and risks posed by
online piracy. Recurrence can bring harsher sanctions. Blocking the net or fines.
"In our country, the legal framework provides for piracy only if the pirated materials are used for earning money." It is very difficult to place a user in front of the computer, you have an internet connection, but youdo not know if her neighbor If a child is left in front of the computer,
internet providers from us say they are ready to implement such rograms, but they caution thatthis will not be cheap at all. "The costs are not Email, the bigger the company, the higher the investments, the better if it was implemented at national level, otherwise the users would run to other operators who are not interested in protecting the licensed content", Says lulian Pipoiu, manager of a cable and internet company.
The authorities from us are targeting companies that have moiie computers and use pirate programs for the time being. Anti-fraua^ policemen have already filed dozens of criminal files. 30,000 companies will receive information letters about the risks they are exposed to if they use non-licensed software.

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