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Music torrents are the easy way to download music over the internet, need a torrent (software) a torrent music site and a internet connection.
Download a 320 kbps high quality music from a torrent its easy, just takes a few steps, look on the site for more information if yoou got lost.
Pic a torrent music site from the list below where you can get easy high-resolution audio from, and download the mp3 music album from the torrent site via the special torrent client. Music like Nirvana,Tiesto,Dua Lipa..etc download it from a torrent music site now!. Good luck!

Before I began telling you where to download jazz music or what torrent to use for jazz music, let me tell you a littel bit about jaz music.

Jazz music, Americans music and its the best music to represent America because it was born spontanios, improvisation is the key element of jazz music,

Jazz music is like a language,it express emotion, happiness, angrer, love, sadness and all in between,just like like muzic like a singular penomenon, music regadless of race, language, culture or nationality, that's why music a luti bilion dollar industry. You can read more about jazz downloading torrent,

Below are some iconic jazz music singers, Louis Amstrong considered one of the pivotal musicans in jazz music, Famios tracks like gully low blues, potato head blues, and swing that muzic tracks you can download, from torent, soblime holiday torrent, strange fruit - torrent,,, Track: Strage fruit - torrent.


Some trackers may be banned by your ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Name Address Info
Muzic torrents    
browntracker.net http:/www./browntracker.net (Ween)
crosstowntorrents.org http://www.crosstowntorrents.org (Jimi Hendrix)
demons-eye.me http://www.demons-eye.me (forum-style general site)
dimeadozen.org http://www.dimeadozen.org (live)
zombtracker.the-zomb.com http://zombtracker.the-zomb.com (non-commercial live)
dreamingtree.org http://www.dreamingtree.org (Dave Matthews Band)
funkytorrents.com http://www.funkytorrents.com (general)
gdtorrent.com http://www.gdtorrent.com (Green Day)
global-sets.com http://www.global-sets.com (DJ Sets)
indietorrents.com https://www.indietorrents.com (independent / non-RIAA)
.jamtothis.com http://www.jamtothis.com (live)
kraytracker.com https://www.kraytracker.com (metal/punk - non RIAA)
yeeshkul.com http://www.yeeshkul.com (Pink Floyd)
lztr.us https://www.lztr.us (Classical)
metal.iplay.ro http://www.metal.iplay.ro (Metal/punk/Ska)
metallifukinca.com http://www.metallifukinca.com (Metallica - live)
mixfiend.com http://www.mixfiend.com (DJ sets/mixtapes)
mixtapetorrent.com http://www.mixtapetorrent.com (DJ sets/mixtapes)
music-vid.com http://www.music-vid.com (music videos, MDVDs)
punktorrents.com http://www.punktorrents.com (punk)
reggaetraders.net http://www.reggaetraders.net (reggae)
shellife.eu http://www.shellife.eu (independent/non-RIAA)
shnflac.net https://www.shnflac.net (lossless)
tapedown.com http://www.tapedown.com (DJ sets, mixtapes)
themixingbowl.org https://www.themixingbowl.org (electronic sets, mixes)
thetradersden.org http://www.thetradersden.org (live)
torrentech.org https://www.torrentech.org (electronic/dnb)
janemusic.org http://www.torrent.janemusic.org (Neil Finn)
trancetraffic.com http://www.trancetraffic.com (electronic)
tribalmixes.com http://www.tribalmixes.com (electronic sets/mixes)
u2torrents.com http://www.u2torrents.com (U2)

Most popular

Bruno Mars That's What I Like
Ed Sheeran Shape Of You
Kendrick Lamar Humble.
Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber Despacito
Future Mask Off
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay Something Just Like This
Kendrick Lamar DNA.
KYLE Featuring Lil Yachty iSpy
Lil Uzi Vert XO TOUR Llif3
Kygo x Selena Gomez It Ain't Me
Zedd & Alessia Cara 11 Last Week: 7 Stay

Rock Music

Imagine Dragons Believer
Linkin Park Featuring Kiiara Heavy
twenty one pilots Heathens
Lana Del Rey Featuring The Weeknd Lust For Life
Lord Huron The Night We Met
Paramore Hard Times
Rag'n'Bone Man Human
Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons With Logic & Ty Dolla $ign Feat. X Ambassadors Sucker For Pain
The Revivalists Wish I Knew You
Bob Pressner American Dream
Portugal. The Man Feel It Still



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