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100% working new best torrent sites & best torrenting sites 2017. The following are the top best torrent sites which are ranked based on continuous traffic that are updated statistically. Since some years, there has been a great increase in torrent sites and their usage by a large number

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Name Address Info
Thepiratebay.org http://www.thepiratebay.org Data
Extratorrent.com http://www.extratorrent.com Data
Torrentz.eu http://www.torrentz.eu Data
Sumotorrent.sx http://www.sumotorrent.sx Data
https://www.torlock.com Data
Torrentproject.se http://www.torrentproject.se Data
IsoHunt.to http://www.isohunt.to Data
Eztv.ag http://www.eztv.ag Data
Torrents.me (SevenTorrents) http://www.torrents.me Data
Bitsnoop.com http://www.bitsnoop.com Data
Seedpeer.eu http://www.seedpeer.eu Data
Torrentreactor.net http://www.torrentreactor.net Data
Bittorrent.am http://www.bittorrent.am Data
Torrentdownloads.me http://www.torrentdownloads.me Data
Torrent9.biz http://www.torrent9.biz Data
Omgtorrent.me http://www.omgtorrent.me Data
Cpasbien.cm http://www.cpasbien.cm Data
Lien-torrent.com http://www.lien-torrent.com Data
Nextorrent.net http://www.nextorrent.net Data
Immortaltorrent.pl http://www.immortaltorrent.pl Data
Hd-cztorrent.cz http://www.hd-cztorrent.cz Data
Freecztorrent.eu http://www.freecztorrent.eu Data
Rutracker.org http://www.rutracker.org Data
Katushka.net http://www.katushka.net Data
Torrent.by http://www.torrent.by Data
7tor.org http://www.7tor.org Data
Tfile.co http://www.tfile.co Data
Bigtracker.org http://www.bigtracker.org Data
Megashara.com http://www.megashara.com Data
Torrentline.net http://www.torrentline.net Data
Torrentor.co http://www.torrentor.co Data
Torrentino.me http://www.torrentino.me Data
Goldenshara.org http://www.goldenshara.org Data
Unionpeer.org http://www.unionpeer.org Data
Zlotracker.org http://www.Zlotracker.org Data
Torseed.net http://www.Torseed.net Data
Bitru.org http://www.bitru.org Data
Mojblink.si http://www.mojblink.si Data


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