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Seedbox is a dedicated private server used to upload and download digital files. Seedboxes are typically purchased by uploaders or torrent communities to have the share at the highest speed.

Seedboxes use the BitTorrent protocol for download and upload. Seedboxes are connected to a network with high speeds of 100 Mbit / sec or more. Files are uploaded to Seedbox by Bitorrent users and can be downloaded to a user's computer via protocols like HTTP, FTP, SFTP or Rsync.

Seedboxes work on most operating systems (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X). More expensive segments can provide VNC or remote desktop protocol connections.

Seedboxes that are on high-speed networks can download a large file in just a few minutes.

Seedboxes generally have upload and download speeds of 100 mbits / sec. This means that a 1GB file does not take more than 1-2 minutes to download. The same 1GB file can be uploaded at exactly the same time, otherwise creating a 1: 1 ratio in a timely manner. The ability of seedboxes to transfer files very quickly is a great attraction in the P2P and BitTorrent communities.

Because of the speed, seedboxes are very popular in private torrents where you keep your ratio of 1: 1 is very important.

1.User frendly

2.Rich Content

3.Alot of Users

http://www.www.thepiratebay.org "

Name Address Info
Thepiratebay.org http://www.thepiratebay.org Data
Extratorrent.com http://www.extratorrent.com Data
Torrentreactor.net http://www.torrentreactor.net Data

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