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The Swedish Supreme Court has announced that the founders of the Pirate Bay site will not be able to appeal for sentences involving imprisonment and the payment of sums of money.

One of the founders of the site, Peter Sunde, received eight months in prison, Fredrik Neih will do 10 months, and Carl Lundstrom 4. The fourth accused, Gottfried Svartholm, did not come to the hearing invoking medical problems, but He did not want to appeal, so he remains with one year in prison.

The four pay a total of 46 million crowns, or 5.2 million euros, but the amount is unlikely to be recovered. They would have wanted a reduction in punishment following an appeal, but the Supreme Court did not allow the trial to continue.

One of the four told TorrentFreak that they would move on to the European Court of Justice, but that would not prevent the Swedish authorities from compelling them to take their sentences to the end.

Carl Lundstrom's lawyer, Per E. Samuelsson, said: "The verdict is absurd. I am disappointed that the Court is so uninterested in dissecting and analyzing legal confusion and giving up one of the most exciting legal cases of all time."

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  • Sept 7, 2017


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