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The TheRibrary.se (TPB) international torrent site has recently relaunched, and the international press reported that it is hosted in Moldova by the Moldovan-German company Trabia Network. On December 23, 2014, Trabia Network posted on Facebook a message announcing that it had barely learned about TPB being hosted on its network. The Company declares that under the Copyright and Related Rights Act no. 139 of 2010, may have to cease providing services to TPB. On the other hand, posting also mentions that the use of magnetic links complicates the problem: the site does not contain proprietary infringing content, but only links that can be used to identify and download the desired content (movies , Music, games) from other users.

Contacted by telephone, the Chisinau operator denied that TPB would have hosted the company it represents. Later, Sven Wiese's CEO told us by e-mail that the TPB administrator had contacted Trabia Network announcing that it would move its site elsewhere. According to him, TPB is now using CloudFare, a proxy company that masks the real TPB service address. Sven Wiese mentions that this company is used by several sites to avoid legal liability.


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