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Torrents, a user account provides access to a huge gallery of movies, series, and more. A big advantage is that it is quite updated and find launches shortly after they appeared on TV or at the cinema,.

How to use Torrent Clients at Maximum speed

"Torrent a file" -reference of a specific search ex: a movie, a melodie, uploaded or downloaded via torrent.

A torrent is a protocol that enables fast downloading files using a minimum amount of bandwidth available on the Internet connection.

What is a tracker?
Answer: A tracker is a site that has the following functions: it indexes the torrents in a database (that puts them in one place and allows the user to download them) and keeps track of the peers (ie knows who is sitting, Who is leecher, what IP has, how many downloaded and uploaded each, etc.)

What is a torrent?
Answer: Torrents are small (.torrent) files that contain information about the files they contain, the tracker's announcement address, hashkey, etc. (For example, the Lucky.Number.Slevin.2006.720p.HDDVD.x264-ESiR torrent contains information about the archives in it, the tracker's announcement address, etc.)

What is a seeder? But a leecher?
Answer: A seeder is a person who has the complete torrent (absolutely all files in it) and keeps his BitTorrent client open to share it with other users. A leecher is a person who downloads the contents of a torrent without having all the files yet. When the download is finished it automatically becomes seeder.

What is rationality?
Answer: Ratio is a simple number, calculated by dividing Upload to Download. Briefly, if a user X uploads 10 GB and downloads 20 GB, his ratio is 10/20 = 0.500

Why is it good to have a great ration?
Answer: It is in the interest of everyone to share as much as the others have downloaded. In order to get quality releases and good download speeds, it's important for each user to stay as close to torrents as possible. In order to guarantee everyone's good and to prevent hit'n'run, the system will automatically disable accounts with a bad ration (less than 0.400) after a while.

Ok, ok, I got what's rationally ... how do I get a good ration?
Answer: The answer is very simple. The best method to make sure you have a good ration and is not penalized by the system is seeding. All you need to do to seed is to not close the bittorrent client when you have finished downloading a torrent, but leave it to the seed for as long as possible. A useful solution recommended for those with low rations is to download the torrents with the FREE label, in which case the ONLY upload is counted.

I downloaded the file from another tracker. Can I go with them to seed?
Answer: As long as the tracker from which you downloaded the files is out of Romania there is no problem. Do not get into the seed with the torrents taken from the Romanian trackers.

Are they uploader on another tracker, can I upload your releases and upload them there?
Answer: This is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Users caught as torrents on any other tracker (RO or external) will have deleted accounts and IP ban.

The site says I have more torrents to download / upload than actually. What to do?
Answer: Turn off the bittorrent client, click on your user (Welcome back, YYY), and once more click on your user in the "Remove ghost" field, then reboot the client. If the problem persists, reset passkey and change your account password, then repeat the process.

I have very low upload speed, and my ration suffers. What can I do?
Answer: The problem is with the ISP (the company you own) that offers you a small upload band. One solution would be to change the provider with one that offers a larger band of upload or seed keeping for a longer period of torrents.

What does Connectable mean and what affects me?
Answer: That connectable is an indicator. If it indicates "Yes" means everything goes well and you have nothing to worry about. If it indicates "No" means the tracker has detected a problem with the connection you have. In short, you can connect to other users and shoot from them, but they can not connect to you. This can be a serious problem because it does not give you the ability to upload properly.

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